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FAKE NEWS CNN Runs Fake Story About Trump Asking People on Live TV to Pray for ‘Apprentice’ Ratings During National Prayer Breakfast
February 2, 2017

I am disgusted, disheartened and outraged about this FAKE NEWS CNN piece. Once again, they have deceptively based their so-called reporting on the actual words Donald Trump said into a live mic this morning. As Kellyanne Conway rightfully pointed out, liberal elites should listen to what’s in his HEART instead. Just try…

See? You hear that? Just cold, empty silence. Amen.

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Candy Kirby is The Patriot Lady, a true American and mother of two who is proud to live in the #1 country in the world and have the #1 name for prostitutes in the country. When Candy is not writing about Making America Great Again, she enjoys watching news shows that echo her own beliefs, long walks on the fracked beach and concocting delicious libations out of liberal snowflake tears. Yum! Recipe to come.

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