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What I Think He Smells Like: Speaker Paul Ryan
February 1, 2017

Oh my… what a big buck you have!

  • That buck’s tears
  • The aftermath of 50 push-ups he just did on the House floor for no particular reason
  • The crow that Trump forced him to eat
  • Drakkar Noir
  • The lady parts of American women after being all up in their wombs

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The Patriot Lady

Candy Kirby is The Patriot Lady, a true American and mother of two who is proud to live in the #1 country in the world and have the #1 name for prostitutes in the country. When Candy is not writing about Making America Great Again, she enjoys watching news shows that echo her own beliefs, long walks on the fracked beach and concocting delicious libations out of liberal snowflake tears. Yum! Recipe to come.

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